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For delivery outside Brazil 

For a delivery outside Brazil, specific rules apply. All our products are stocked and sent from our studio in São Paulo, it's therefore an import you're doing when buying with us.  

Here are the terms and conditions: 

  • Shipment fees are paid by the client. As soon as we receive your request and address we do a quote with the transport company (either UPS or DHL) and inform you the amount. If it is ok for you, the transport fee is added to the price of the product(s) you're buying (to the US or to Europe, shipment price usually is around USD 180).

  • Potential import taxes or fees are paid by the client (we are only responsible for everything that has to do with the export process with the Brazilian authorities). It does not happen often (it's actually very rare but it is our duty to inform you) but sometimes the customs can ask you to pay import taxes or fees in order to let your product enter your country. We do not have the capacity to inform if it will happen and what amount can be asked from you. For more information the best would be to contact the customs of the country where the delivery will be done. 

  • Payment is done by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer (only if you have a Brazilian account).  

  • Last but not least, the Atelier does not accept exchange or reimbursement, whatever the reason why you're asking for the exchange or the reimbursement. This is why, among other reasons, we do insist a lot on you checking carefully your size before ordering. 

We regret we have to impose such restrictions and rules for international purchases... but the export process from Brazil is not easy for a small structure such ours. 

Any question about international purchase you may have please

let us know by email or whatsapp!

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